Chris Hedges: My Teacher

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Chris Hedges has a post up on Truthdig on how very important good teachers are….not Teach for America employees.   Rev. Brown is the kind of professor I would have loved to taken a class from.  I had perhaps a couple of professors at Purdue (pre-Mitch Daniels) that were passionate like Professor Brown — that actually wanted to have active class discussions about a subject.  To my disappointment, most classes were lecture only — really limiting professor-student interaction and with that, the valuable intellectual growth that comes from discussion and exchange of ideas/viewpoints.

I would add to Professor Brown’s assertion that if one “…knows how to read and write, you will be educated….” that you need to read and write and think critically– questioning everything.


                     News and truth are not the same thing. The truth can get you into trouble. 



Be sure to click on the  link to this video where he discusses the dominionist movement.  Boy, am I late to the party….and it’s not that I was unaware, but that I was not putting it together with everything else, including the forced vaccination movement and eugenics. (As a side note~ I don’t know whether everyone noticed the link to the group of eugenicists who are advocating post-birth abortion up to five years of age.  Horrible, horrible people who make it sound so scientific and rational.)

Hedges says everything that I had written in the recent posts on the movement and on the Dandelion Salad post on Bernie Sanders and Professor Ashford.  I was stunned to learn he is also Presbyterian and an ordained minister to boot.  Good for him.  It’s comforting to know another Presbyterian that puts his neck out for his faith.

It was also good to hear him speak of the subjugation of women.  I didn’t hear a lot of that in my church growing up.  Mother Mary was casually mentioned.  One of the things I am grateful for was becoming more aware of her in the Catholic church.

I can say that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of exploring Mother Mary and her great sacrifice as the original Unwed Mother.  🙂

Indeed, I’ve been exploring how very much she is in religions in all cultures.  It’s possible, as some natives assert, that she is so widespread because of missionaries trying to wedge in Christianity.  But I’d like to think that even if they are not Christian, that Mother Mary represents a tribute to a loving motherhood and sanctuary and comfort from the outside world; and strength and courage and faith.


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