Keiser on Yellin and free money…

…see folks, it all depends on who you are that decides whether you pay 25% interest rates, or whether you borrow money for free….like investors.  Janet Yellen plays her part well and won’t force up interest rates for these…these…these….I can’t even think of a word for people who don’t want to pay taxes, don’t want to pay interest for borrowing money, don’t want to pay workers a livable wage….somebody come up with a word.  Yeah, I know, Libertarians fit most of that…

On this edition of Keiser Report, Max and Stacy talk as much about U.S. investor slight of hand as well as Germany/EU –

As I’m watching this, I think about my post from the other day when I talked about losing my house because of the perfect storm including stagnant wages.  I was working for the State at the time, and although they would give raises, those raises would just cover insurance premium hikes.  When they talk about Obamacare being mandatory and how one is forced to pay the insurance companies….I start to think how long has this been going on…?  Were the wage hikes that supported the insurance companies a you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours (quid pro quo)…?

I wanted to blame Mitch Daniels, because he is a sleazebag that they refer to as “the blade” (vengeful), but alas, he was not in office yet.  Kernan was governor at the time.  I just don’t know whether he was part of it.  I tend to lean towards “not” because Kernan didn’t seem to be the type to go in for that.  But I’ve been wrong before and because he was a Democrat could have overlooked something (at the time, I still thought Democrats were, you know, Democrats. Pfft.)


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