One of the most offensive ads I have seen…. **edited

WTH??  So…now that they have made it seem that bdsm is mainstream with fifty s-h-a-d-e-s of g-r-e-y (spelling it out so I don’t get some search engines looking for that to come to my site)….I’ve been seeing this offensive ad depicting a woman with her face covered, ass up, in leather clothing appearing to be part of a bondage outfit.

Covering the face is a common practice of denying a person’s humanity.  Ask any good police officer about rapists who cover their victim’s faces.

This is disgusting and offensive to me and I can’t believe that I have to ask not to see that kind of crap on a mainstream website (this one was off of DailyKos, but it was also on Yahoo’s main site).


**edited:  I removed the offensive photo because apparently the creeps who like depicting women in vulnerable, degrading, dehumanizing positions are showing up here.   The post I wrote is apparently lost on them…big surprise./snark


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