European Medicines Agency to launch investigation into HPV

…but, wait, not so fast on hoping that  an agency is actually going to do a complete, thorough, and impartial investigation, as the author posts here.


The following statements from the EMA press release are not strictly accurate:

  • Statement: These vaccines have been used in around 72 million people worldwide.
  • Fact: No one knows how many people have been injected with HPV vaccines because the vast majority of countries do not record administered doses. At any given time, many of the distributed doses they do keep track of may be in storage awaiting administration.
  • Statement: Their use is expected to prevent many cases of cervical cancer…
  • Fact: Note they use the words ‘expected to’ NOT ‘proven to’.
  • Statement: Cervical cancer is the 4th most common cause of cancer death in women worldwide,
  • Fact: No mention is made of the fact that over 80% of these cancer deaths occur in low to middle income countries, NOT the European Union.
  • Statement: …with tens of thousands of deaths in Europe each year, despite the existence of screening programmes to identify the cancer early.
  • Fact: There may be ‘tens of thousands’ in Europe, but for the European Union the cervical cancer mortality rate is 3.7/100,000 – MUCH lower than the rate of serious adverse events being reported worldwide after HPV vaccinations. Denmark for instance currently reports serious adverse events at a rate of 200/100,000 injected.

This is not exactly a good start if one wants to instill public confidence in the outcome of a safety investigation. How can one trust the outcome of an investigation being conducted by an agency that has so little regard for accuracy in their press releases?


The same is true of POTS diagnostic criteria. Post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is not a disease, but simply a cluster of symptoms that are frequently seen together. Since POTS is not a disease, it is fair to say that POTS is caused by something else. However, figuring out what is causing the symptoms of POTS in each patient can be very difficult, and in many cases, patients and their doctors will not be able to determine the precise underlying cause. This makes it pretty convenient for the stakeholders, wouldn’t you say?


Yep.  Looks mighty suspicious, don’t you think?

It sounds like the mycoplasma that Dr. Garth Nicolson talked about in his video is involved, pointing towards vaccines as the culprit.  As Dr. Nicolson talked about in the video, one has to use specific methods to verify the mycoplasma diagnosis, and those in power to do something don’t want to do that.


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