Tara Haelle’s ‘Straight Talk’ on Science, Medicine, Health and Vaccines

This is the new way to market, folks. You make it seem like it’s written by a journalist reporting information for the public. But in reality, it’s a behind-the-scenes paid hack that writes pieces for the sole purpose of promoting a product or ideal. It is clear that Tara Haelle is being paid by Big Pharma to promote vaccines. Her biased “reporting” is more than I can stomach.


Business magazine Forbes regularly features a column by freelancer Tara Haelle. The column goes by the slogan, “I offer straight talk on science, medicine, health and vaccines.” The phrase “straight talk” gives the impression that the brand of writing is independent, balanced, and well-informed—which would suggest a minimal level of editorial bias.

During the past eight and a half months, Haelle has written nearly 60 articles in Forbes. Thirty-seven of them have had to do with vaccines, including her last one—”Gardasil HPV Vaccine Safety Assessed In Most Comprehensive Study To Date” on July 15, 2015.1

It’s a long list, but it’s worth listing to get a sense of both the degree of Haelle’s journalistic lean and the magnitude of her unusually special interest in vaccines, given that Forbes is a business publication, not a health one.  Prior to her current piece, Haelle wrote:

  • “First Confirmed U.S. Measles Death…

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