Perpetual War, Perpetual Profits

So now Russia has once again been made a target for war.  Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it, if one needs to feed the Defense Monster.  And I’m no fan of Russia, let’s make that clear, but they are not the super power they once were.  Neither are we, in the sense that our jobs in the private sector have been disappeared, thanks to Clinton, Bush, and NAFTA.

When Russia was still the Soviet Union, its leaders had made the statement that capitalism only worked –that America only flourished– because of the middle class.  They accurately predicted that if the middle class disappeared, so would fairness in capitalism.  We can thank the overwhelming Defense budget and Wall St. raiders like Michael Milken, Martin Siegel, Dennis Levine, Ivan Boesky, et al, for the destruction of small businesses/small corporations that were pillars of the thriving middle class.

Greece has been a beacon in a dark time for their middle finger to the banksters and what used to be corporate raiders who are now country raiders, trying to destroy Greece’s democracy by destroying the economy to privatize public services with American corporations’ buyouts.  Good for them for seeing this for what it was and taking a very, very brave stance against it.  It means sacrifice on their part.

A little known fact is that this is exactly what they did to Iraq.  Most folks here are unaware of the thriving culture of Iraq before we invaded — the literacy rate was astounding — some where around 90%, if I recall correctly.  When we invaded, bombed their businesses, homes, utilities, etc., it was American corporations that went in and made huge amounts “rebuilding” Iraq.  They shut out Iraqi businesses from rebuilding their own country. Disaster capitalism.  And there were many corporate defense contractors involved.  The revolving door applies to the Defense dept., as well, as many who were generals and such have been hired by private contractors bidding on huge contracts for “rebuilding” countries after we bomb the hell out of them.

So now Russia is the next target, with China also on the horizon.  And don’t forget about our under the radar assistance in bombing the hell out of Yemen.  We have no business being there.

A couple of news reports on this:

The video below has awful acoustics, so you might need to listen a couple of times to hear what he’s saying.

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