Michael Hastings crash, two years after

My former post on the fiery crash that took the life of investigative reporter Michael Hastings.

I went looking for updates, and found only one link here.

Since 2013, scientists have proven the possibility of hacking a car, and lawmakers are revealing the lack of cybersecurity against these types of threats built into today’s digital cars.


Heck, we don’t have to have scientists proving this.  We know that cars/trucks can be remotely disabled by banks and such who want to repossess a vehicle when the owner has defaulted on payment.  So…it’s not a big leap that the car’s computer can be told to do pretty much anything with the car’s systems.

“Your car may have as many as 30 separate electronic control units, some of them built for wireless access. Hackers have shown that they can disconnect brakes, kill acceleration and more—although most hacks currently require direct, wired access to the car’s systems. Even so, a lab technician turned off our test car while we were driving it—from a cell phone,” Chris Meyer, Vice President of Consumer Reports, said in an email to WhoWhatWhy.


Video demos pre-recorded for the conference showed Miller and Valasek able to jerk the steering wheel, disable the car’s brakes, accelerate, manipulate the seat belt, turn off the engine, mess with both interior and exterior lights, honk the horn, and program the console to read that the car had a full tank of gas when it didn’t, according to CNET.


When I first heard of OnStar and other remote “help” that car manufacturers were creating with the new cars, I worried then what the capabilities were of that system.  Now we know.


The lawsuit revealed that the FBI had misled the public: Michael Hastings was on the FBI’s radar—if not under complete investigation—for “controversial reporting.”


Some things never change…

So now we have Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, that Republican guy that was going to testify about voting computer tampering, Paul Wellstone, Jack Wheeler, Vincent Foster, Dr. Bruce Ivins…how many more “mysterious” or “suicide” deaths….?


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