The lie about the woman that died from measles in Washington State

IDsent has a blog up on the media and the Washington State Dept. of Health playing loose with the facts surrounding this case.

Vaccine Impact News has a link up to this report on the same story.  Wow, what a difference real journalism makes!

The woman who died was not among the unvaccinated. On the contrary, she not only had been vaccinated, but reportedly was tested and found to have a protective antibody titer. She nevertheless became infected with measles while seeking medical attention in a clinic. She died from pneumonia, which can be caused by any number of other bacterial or viral infections besides measles, including the common cold and flu. The reason her immune system couldn’t handle the infection was because doctors had her on immunosuppressive drugs. Hence, medical intervention was a contributing factor in her death.


Now you start to see the willful twisting of the “facts” by the media in its zeal to do the dirty work of Big Pharma.  And let’s face facts that they were probably paid by Big Pharma to put this nooz story into the mainstream.  Payola is an old old tactic.


The media, as ever, is pushing the theory of herd immunity to encourage vaccination. Everyone needs to be vaccinated to protect infants and the immunocompromised, we are being told.


I’m immunocompromised because of heavy metal poisoning…and I survived the flu this past winter.  Not because I had taken a flu shot.  Not because of something Big Pharma gave me, but because I eat organic food and juice every other day (when I have the carrots available), and have cut down on processed foods considerably.   The body can and does take care of itself when given the proper food, clean water, clean air, and exercise to help it perform its miracle work.  The fact that I have now heard of two people whom had Stage IV cancer that recovered by juicing daily speaks volumes as to the body’s miraculous abilities.

People survived illness and disease for centuries before Big Pharma came into being.  How did we do that?  We survived quite well without the help of vaccines nor Big Pharma.  Medicine is not about healing anymore, but about making a profit and to do that, they need people who are just well enough to work, but still not feeling well enough that they can get through the day without some Big Pharma product.  Vaccines help do that by making people ill, NOT by keeping them well.

So this false hypothesis of herd immunity is just that — a false idea Big Pharma thought up to sell, sell, sell fear to the public.

It is quite possible for fully vaccinated individuals to get measles.


Moreover, the vaccine-induced immunity, unlike the more robust immunity gained from natural infection, wanes over time.


These two statements are proof that vaccines don’t work.  And a mother cannot pass on immunity to her child if she does not have natural immunity from having the disease.  This is huge.  Our immune systems will weaken from vaccination of the entire population and each generation will become weaker until we truly have epidemics that nothing Big Pharma does will help at all.

And look at the wonderful graph of what measles cases looked like BEFORE the introduction of the vaccine:


It’s curious that the CDC puts 1957 as the last year that people are considered naturally immunized from measles, when the vaccine was not introduced until 1963?

I’m so glad the article mentions the importance of Vitamin A in helping to keep the Measles in check so it won’t be harsh and go on to the more severe stuff like pneumonia.

And again, I have to ask about the smallpox inserted in blankets handed out to the Native Americans that nearly wiped them out because they had no natural immunity.  Why did some of them survive?  There’s a factor here that is missing.  I’m thinking it’s probably diet.  I know some of the tribes made annual trips to the ocean to pick kelp, which has iodine, which helps the thyroid, which is part of the immune system.


While vaccine theory is premised on the idea of inducing humoral immunity, which involves an antibody response, scientists have learned the production of antibodies is neither always sufficient nor even necessary for the development of immunity.



I disagree with Jeremy’s assertion that the vaccines provided immunity, albeit short term.  The sentence above is enough to question the validity of vaccination.  Just because someone doesn’t get the disease does not mean the vaccine worked.  As I stated before, I have never had the flu vaccine but I did not get the flu until last year, after going nearly ten years without getting it.

I have to make a side note that there are those in the mercury poisoning support group that feel the lack of response does not mean that I did not get the virus, but that the compromised immune system was not able to manifest a fight against the flu like it normally would, which is what the symptoms of malaise are.  In other words, when you’re feeling awful during the flu, it is the body’s immune system kicking into gear that is fighting the virus.   I have to say I believe in this hypothesis to some extent because I am better now and perhaps last year’s flu was the first time my system has regained enough of itself to muster a good response to the virus.  It makes sense in that the chickenpox virus stays dormant in your system your entire life and then for some folks, they get the shingles.  BUT this is when their immune system is compromised.  As older adults, it is my guess that the system cannot handle the chickenpox virus rearing its ugly head because the body is overloaded with toxins.   Chemicals are known to interfere with the immune system response.  GMO’s also weaken the immune response.


This is a puzzling denial, indeed, in light of the fact that, back in the 1980s, the vaccine industry was granted legal immunity by the government because manufacturers were facing so many lawsuits for vaccine injuries that they were going out of business.


Hello?  This should have been reason enough to stop vaccinating people.  And the continued denials by Big Pharma and the CDC even after this evidence shows the lack of ethics and morals.


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