Journey 4 Justice Alliance Demands that ESEA Stop Test-and-Punish and Improve Urban Schools

Like I said in my prior post on the “choice” of failing schools — this is just busy work to sever relationships with other kids and their teachers. Destroying the fabric of society where we know one another enables the corporate run charters to indoctrinate kids, not educate them. Destroying public education is one of the means that Hitler used to persuade the Germans to rid their society of the undesirables, so this lends credibility to the eugenics theory.


On Monday, in the week when the Senate is taking up the reauthorization of the federal education law, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), the Journey for Justice Alliance sent a powerful letter to leaders in the Senate to demand that Congress shift the federal approach to public education: “The Journey for Alliance, an alliance of 38 organizations of Black and Brown parents and students in 23 states, joins with the 175 other national and local grassroots community, youth and civil rights organizations signed on below, to call on the U.S. Congress to pass an ESEA reauthorization without requiring the regime of oppressive, high states, standardized testing and sanctions that have recently been promoted as civil rights provisions within ESEA.”

The letter continues: “We respectfully disagree that the proliferation of high stakes assessments and top-down interventions are needed in order to improve our schools.  We live in the communities…

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