The fight against austerity in the UK

Press TV News has a long piece on the austerity measures in the UK.  I was thinking about this last night…and the first thought was, and I know this will sound incredibly stupid…boy, I’m glad that’s not happened here.  I know, I know, not thinking that through…with credit default swaps with millions of Americans losing their homes, no matter how much equity they had put into them; wages now deflating; and all the rest.  I think that is more stunning is how the Brits are coming out against it and remaining strong.  We’ve lost our will to stand up against this, I think.  As I posted in the prior blog on using spirituality as a Trojan Horse to usher in austerity, one of the tenets was to demoralize the people so much that they lose the will to fight for their rights and for equal treatment.  And it is more and more clear the more research I do that a moral high ground is definitely at the heart of this — whether it be eugenics or not.    And it is more clear that the Muslims are the new “Jews” of the new nazis.

A really good piece.  I have to hand it to the reporter.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen American news report like this that I’m a little taken aback:


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