John Oliver on municipal violations and debtors prisons

Oliver uses humor on this somber subject.  It’s another Libertarian/Ayn Rand/Milton Friedman scenario where people just keep paying and paying and paying.  And as always, it’s the ones who cannot afford high priced attorneys — the poor — who cannot get any relief.  Oliver states that even though debtors prisons were outlawed in the U.S., that is essentially what is happening here.

The major problem I have with this piece, as with other reports on racism, is that there is this collective blindness to the poor whites who are also put through this. I experienced this myself with a judge in the town I grew up in garnishing my wages.  All $200 of them.  If I earned $300 a month, it was a good one.  This was usury in every sense of the word.  And this judge had a good chunk of testimony off the record.

It’s not about race, but about the poor and criminalizing the poor.

The poor being one of the targets of the eugenics crowd, in the false belief that getting rid of the poor will eliminate poverty.   I mean, just typing that sentence makes me want to crack up laughing.  Seriously?  Getting rid of the poor will eliminate poverty?  Who will they force to work for below livable wages to make the stuff to sell? It’s stuff and nonsense that it is due to faulty genes and purely made-up hypothesis that does not pan out.

Here’s the video.  Warning! There are a graphic words at the end:


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