A breakthrough…

…in a week where my brain has had the equivalent of a mental freight train of such evil…there was a very happy note today.

Those of you who’ve been around awhile might recall I lost a lot of creative ability with the mercury/heavy metal poisoning.  Specifically, losing the ability to sew and to play the piano.

I had played since I was five and could sit down and play “Classical Gas” any time I visited my Mom’s.

However, there came the time (after I had the amalgams placed) when I sat down to play…and could not remember the notes.  I just figured it was from not playing…but I had always been able to play that song at the drop of a hat.  It came so easy that I thought playing the piano was nothing to it.

However, with my brain malfunctioning, I could not coordinate the notes on the page with the keys on the piano.  My memory was so severely affected that I could not remember which note corresponded with the keyboard even though I had just played the tune the day before.  This was not like me at all.  I had also forgotten what each note represented in beats.  Just like a child,  I had a paper guide that my mother used to teach piano on the keyboard because I could not remember the notes.

A first breakthrough was when “Lean On Me” just popped into my head one day.  Given that I could not remember notes or even remember playing the song when I was younger, it was nothing less than a miracle.  I just played.

But that was all I could play for years.

Well…today was a breakthrough.

I got out a book that I played as a child, and found a Minuet by Bach and decided to try it.  I had taken off the cardboard guide and just played.  And I remembered the notes and what key they corresponded with.  I played the song pretty well for a first time trying.  I’m a little stunned that it has come back.  I really had my doubts that it would come back after sooo much time had lapsed.

It’s with the keys immediately connected with Center “C”  the middle of the keyboard, and I still have to reacquaint myself with the rest of the keyboard, but wow, I’m so hopeful that it will come back with chelation of the heavy metals and with time.

A wonderful moment.  I am so grateful.


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