When Offered the “Choice,” Who Enrolls in a “Failing School”?

This is just busy work. Keep moving kids around to sever relationships with other kids and their teachers. After all that I have seen this past week, it is clear to me that this is not just profiteering by the hedge funders, but something deeper than that. Destroying the fabric of society where we knew one another and made lifetime friendships from schools and church. It’s more than dumbing kids down.


On June 27, 2015, I posted a piece entitled, 37 Percent of New Orleans Students Attended Excelling Schools in 2014, in which I take the news byte of the dramatic, “67-to-7-percent” drop in “failing schools” in New Orleans and flip it to produce three more modest news bytes regarding the number of students in “excelling schools.” My goal was to confront the potential assumption that “not a failing school” and “excelling school” are one and the same– and to communicate as much in the corporate-reform-preferred delivery of a marketing-friendly news byte.

However, I veered form typical corporate reform delivery in that I linked to documentation of my calculations behind the news bytes as well as to the data used in my calculations.

All of the above work was the result of my attending the Education Research Alliance (ERA) of New Orleans conference and hearing former Recovery School District (RSD)…

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