Ben Folds Five: Brick

Loved this song when it came out and saw they had it on VEVO.  When I first heard it, I thought it was about a first love relationship and how he was scared of being vulnerable to her….but then I realized it was about abortion.  At least, that is how I’m reading it.

It tells the story behind abortion of how it’s not just “some group of cells” (a feminist described as such) that one sweeps from your life — never to be bothered with another thought on it.

“….as weeks went by…it showed that she was not fine…” 

…the realization that it was not so easy to sweep away.

I first heard of abortion regret in college during a composition class, when I read Linda Bird Francke’s essay on her abortion and the lingering feeling of loss for years afterwards.  She thought of the child often after the abortion–seeing a “ghost on the horizon”.  I had never heard of abortion regret from abortion advocates.

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