Chris Christie the Glutton

Well said. It never ceases to amaze me how they indulge in the very behaviors in which they put others down.


Merriam-Webster definesgluttonyas “excess in eating or drinkingand “greedy or excessive indulgence.

And today, Chris Christie had the nerve to accuse New Jersey’s pubic school teachers of being gluttons:

Railing against teachers, [Governor Christie]claimed the average 30-year teacher contributes just $195,000 of the $2.6 million in pension and health benefits they receive over their lifetime.

Christie said Friday he’ll make the largest payment the state can afford, but he won’t burden taxpayers with the cost of maintaining “a broken system.”

“The taxpayers of New Jersey are not, as long as I’m here, going to be the ones that shoulder the blame for their gluttony…,” he said.

First of all, governor, the taxpayers of New Jersey don’t “shoulder the blame” for the state’s broken pension system: you and your predecessors do. No:New Jersey’s taxpayers are victims of your recklessfinancial decisions and ill-advised economic…

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