The trouble with Trump…

…so tonight I’m watching a TV program about Donald Trump and his mouth…and how the Latino hosts of the Latino version of Miss America have quit their jobs in protest at Trump’s racist proclamation that the immigrants come here to commit crime and rape women…blah, blah, blah….”.but some of them are okay…”

Meanwhile, they show clips of the Miss America pageant with women in bikinis….(you all know where I’m going with this)

…and while protesting the treatment of immigrants and of the racist comments, they say nothing about the objectification of women…of parading women around in skintight or barely there clothing…putting their bodies under scrutiny so we can judge whether they are pleasing to the eye or not.

Are they Barbie-dolls or less than perfect…?

Do they have a brain in their heads?  (Who cares, as long as they look good?)

This pageant puts women in that light — not to be taken seriously.  Or if they are taken seriously, they better still look good, too.

Just watch any comments thread about a woman who speaks with strong opinions…you will see many that describe her physically in dismissive terms.

I have a new found respect for Jon Oliver after this piece, related to this subject:


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