A Parent’s story on vaccine injury

Video here.  She eloquently describes the effects vaccines have had on her children’s health…and how the child that did not get vaccinated is very healthy, indeed. She makes a good point about the chickenpox where she got it, but her sister did not–despite her being exposed directly in close contact.  That kind of flies in the face of the chickenlittles who think just because a child is exposed to a disease, automatically means they will come down with it.  Instead, the vaccines her children received ended up making them very ill, nearly costing one his life.  Scary.

It lends credence to the thought that vaccines are not here to keep us well, but make us sick so that we have to continually need medical services.  Think I’m exaggerating?  Look around you– particularly in the big cities, where they are building medical industrial complexes.  Huge glass walled insurance and medical buildings….hotels springing up nearby…and now I see a huge apartment complex springing up near “medicine row” in Indianapolis (my own term to describe the miles and miles of medical/insurance buildings along US 31/Meridian Street in Indy).    I noticed this, too, in Cleveland — near the Cleveland Clinic where hotels do a good business for people seeking medical treatment that need to stay overnight to get to their appointments at the clinic the following day.

Another thought popped in my head — remember that smallpox was inserted in blankets and then handed out to the Native Americans, whom had not been exposed to the disease before?  It nearly destroyed them.  There are two important points — one is that not everyone died — somehow their immune systems were able to fight it off…why?  Another point is that without natural immunity from getting the actual disease, a mother cannot give her child immunity.  Vaccines cannot do that.


In other related news, Age of Autism is reporting on the death of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, an advocate against vaccines.  His death is suspicious — who commits suicide by shooting themselves in the chest??  Most would do it through the head, for a quick, painless death.  As someone else pointed out, shooting himself in the chest would be a long painful death.  Suicide? Nope.


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