45 ex-military members ask drone operators to refuse to “fly”

Brandon Bryant, Ann Wright, among 43 other ex-military are asking operators to refuse to fly illegal drone missions.  They feel that these flights have taken innocent lives and are not Constitutional, which they have sworn to uphold.

Brandon is also shown here on Democracy Now! a couple of years ago.  He clearly has been affected by watching a person bleed out after he fired his missile from the drone:

We have no business in Saudi Arabia’s fight in Yemen.  We have no business using drones to kill people just because somebody says so — as others have pointed out, where is their due process?  How do the operators know that these people are going to harm others?  Just because somebody says so?  Where’s the facts to support that?  What about it being a cowardly way to fight –not giving the target a chance to defend themselves?

As Brandon points out in the video, he killed a child.  A child.


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