1 in 500 girls have severe reactions after receiving Gardasil — Denmark…and other medical profession news…

Denmark: 1 in 500 girls have complications after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.  They are told their problems are psychological….a typical ploy by physicians when they don’t know what is wrong with you.  (Or worse, they DO know the vaccine caused it, but are lying through their mossy green teeth.)


According to Peter la Cour, Head of the Center for Functional Disorders in Copenhagen, the practice of refusing girls the opportunity for medical examination and treatment on the grounds that psychological problems can cause similar symptoms is terrible. He states:

The handful of girls I’ve seen has not been mentally ill, but very physically sick and disabled. We simply cannot have sick people rejected under the assumption that they are mentally ill. None of us know anything about why they are so sick. Alleged knowledge of psychological reasons is scandalous character assassination of the young women.

– See more at: http://vaccineimpact.com/2015/gardasil-vaccine-in-denmark-serious-adverse-reactions-now-number-1-in-500-girls/#sthash.WAZBcyjz.dpuf


Anne Dachel Media:  Another march on the CDC in the making…

Requesting that Congress hold hearings with Dr. William Thompson, whistleblower.


…and in the Doctors Behaving Badly (unprofessionally and even unethically)…

Spending 76% of their time playing internet games.  I kid you not.  They think they are able to multi-task…ain’t happening.  It is ridiculous how unaware these folks are — as we drove in Indianapolis one day, there was a guy in a service truck coming onto the four lane highway waaay too fast…as we looked at him, we could see he was busy talking on his cell phone.  If I had not alerted my sis to him speeding onto the highway, there would have been a collision — he was totally unaware of the near-accident, and continued talking on his phone the entire time he was driving.

Next, we have unethical and unprofessional behavior unbecoming the profession.  And these people are held up as the Gold Standard by which we should kowtow to because they are without biases/prejudices/ignorance…?  Doesn’t that give some credibility to anti-vaccine advocates that are observing autistic symptoms in their previously normal children after vaccination?  Just because someone has a PhD after their names does not make them infallible and just because someone doesn’t have a PhD, doesn’t make them stupid, either.  The fact that Dr. Ingham would falsify records out of spite or whatever her reasoning should alarm anyone who trusts the medical profession without question.

This is NOT the first time nor will it be the last that a medical professional has treated patients with contempt and disdain.  Dr. Smith wrote about this in his book, Women and Doctors.  He related that women would be appalled if they knew the disparaging way they were talked about by physicians.  One example is the patient who was gawked at by physicians that were NOT her caregivers — but she was displayed while under anesthesia “because she has a great body…”


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