I am so envious…a couple builds a yurt next to Glacier National Park…

Photos and story here.  (sigh…)

The view is so breathtaking…although I would decorate the home differently (naturally), it is warm and inviting.  And I would definitely have a water source closer to the home….perhaps a cistern to catch rainwater?  I don’t like the idea of toting water in plastic containers…surely there are glass jugs that could also be used?

The comments section was kind of sad.  Too many were commenting on the lack of “fluff” or comforts.  Nothing is as comforting as owning your own home (so no banker can take it away) and being surrounded by such beauty.  You can’t buy this stuff, folks….much as Wall street would like you to think.

I stand or sit on the porch here and just listen to the birds chirp and find comfort and joy in that.  The hummingbirds buzz me frequently, in that I feel like I need to duck.  I don’t know how they can be fighting and still avoid hitting me.

I nearly missed a toad that was sitting just below the porch…its camouflage so well done that it blended perfectly with the dry ground (before we got the rains recently).

A bunny comes around and nibbles on the little bit of apple I toss out every day.  It reminds me of sitting in my home in my living room, watching the bunnies there eat dandelion greens.  Comical to watch them eat. 🙂   And comforting, too.

A crane will lazily fly over.  Silent.  And if it catches the wind, it will glide slowly down to the river with such grace.  I’m in awe at its ability to navigate the wind.

A butterfly attaches itself to my front for  a second…when it realizes that the flowers on my bib overalls aren’t the real thing.

And the bees!  I’ve seen more bees this Spring.  And more milkweed plants.  The monarch butterflies will be feasting on them before too long.

Nope…you cannot buy this stuff.  Once it’s gone…it’s gone.

As the Cree proverb warns —

“Only when the last tree has been cut down,

the last river is poisoned, 

and the last fish is caught…

will we realize we cannot eat money.”


(the above from this link:  www.thenativecanadian.com)



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