Minister Tony Muhammed calls on black community to reject SB277

Dr. William Thompson, of the CDC, has blown the whistle on a study he did for the CDC that showed a clear link between African American boys receiving vaccines and autism. Minister Tony Muhammed is calling on black legislators to oppose this bill to hopefully prevent African American boys from suffering needlessly.  It would be nice, however, if he were opposing it for ALL children, and soon to be forced vaccination for adults.

This is not to say that it is not happening to other populations, but this apparently was the most clearest link between vaccines and autism.  I want to emphasize that, because I know from my experience as a white woman who was heavy metal poisoned, that autistic symptoms were clearly a part of the symptoms of it.  And even more compelling is that the autistic symptoms are going away as the heavy metals are chelated out.  There is a definite link and the children are too young to know the before and after of how they felt prior to vaccination and afterwards.   This is crucial to proving the devastating effects of vaccines.


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