Green Light for a ‘Little Pink Pill’

When I saw this, amid the typical cheerleading by the media, I was worried about the side effects. Thanks for a great post pointing out that yet again, the FDA is failing the American citizen and kowtowing to Big Pharma. This drug’s affect on the brain is ALARMING to say the least.

If her brain chemistry is altered to the point that she is drugged into doing something that is not in her best interest, I can see this being used as a date rape drug.

There are conditions where a woman might have lowered libido and the root cause would not be discovered because it’s too easy to push a pill than do any real detective work.   But then if they got to the root cause, they wouldn’t need the drug, because the problem would take care of itself.

Oh, wait…


There may be a new drug on the market later this year called Flibanserin. You’ve probably heard of it. It’s being billed as the ‘female Viagra.’ You’ve heard of the innocuously named “little purple pill” for acid reflux, Nexium? Well, Flibanserin will be the “little pink pill” for sexual indifference.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Drug Safety Oversight Board recently voted 18-6 to approve Flibanserin, a new drug developed by Sprout Pharmaceuticals, Inc. of Raleigh, NC aimed at treating low libido for women. Although the FDA has on two previous occasions opted to reject Flibanserin because it had concerns about the drug’s safety and whether it even worked, the agency is now apparently expected to act favorably on the advisory panel’s recommendation by August 18, 2015. And why shouldn’t it. After all, an 18-6 vote is pretty convincing.

All those doctors voting in the affirmative wouldn’t do so unless they were…

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