“Parental rights have not been granted by the State…”

nor can these rights be denied by the State…”

…such are the sentiments of Cathy Jameson in her passionate report here.


We have parental rights to determine the health care of our children.

We have parental rights to receive all pertinent information beforehand concerning risks of any treatment, procedure, or course of action recommended for our children. 

We have parental rights to disclose individual, medical and family history of our children.

We have parental rights to grant or withhold consent based on all information.  

We understand that the decisions we make are ours to make, for or against, because where there is risk, there must be choice. We respect each parents’ decisions regarding their children.

We have parental rights to reject anything that smacks of one-size-fits-all, herd mentality, community immunity, where our children are sacrificed for the “greater good.”

Our children have the right to a free appropriate public education as guaranteed under federal law. This right must not be jeopardized by forced prerequisites of questionable medical procedures, especially as these can potentially harm our children. 

Further, as citizens, we have the freedom to question settled science without being subjected to ridicule, contempt, or threats from public officials, profit-seeking pharmaceutical corporations, or a biased media.

We not only uphold these principles. We not only expect others to respect these principles. For the sake of our children, for the sake of future generations of children we will defend these principles.


This is just craziness in its extreme.  Indiana recently passed a law to force Hep B vaccinations, among other bonehead laws.  Our legislature apparently has nothing else to do but create problems where there were none.

The petition is still open and if you click on the link in my post on it, you will see the overwhelming numbers of folks in California who do not want this forced vaccination law.  The American public that politicians looove to pretend they are representing are speaking out about an authoritarian dictatorship enacting laws that are going against their will…for the sake of Big Pharma’s profits.  Good God.


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