Sexist Kimmel: “Did you make him do that?” **edited

I’m shocked that other people would be shocked at Jimmy Kimmel, formerly of the sexist Man Show that had large breasted women jumping on trampolines, would ask the question.  It’s very telling that for a man to show his love for his wife by taking her name is somehow something he is forced to do.

Newsflash, Kimmel:  not all societies are patriarchal.  Some indigenous societies were matriarchal, where the husband went with his wife’s tribe and took her surname.  The men were not emasculated at all — rather they were the hunters/warriors while the women took care of the home duties.  And some women were warriors, too, for your information.

**edited to add:  I believe it was the Cherokee that the women elected the leaders of the tribe.  If the men treated them badly or were inept leaders, the women also removed them from their positions.

Good on Zoe Saldana for calling Kimmel on it.


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