I’m ready for Oligarchy

...catchy bumpersticker…

As I’ve said before, I’m sick of Bushes and Clintons in the White House and their entitlement.  The image of Hillary Clinton leaving the hospital with not one, not two, but three vehicles as part of her motorcade is still burned in my brain.  Why does anyone need three vehicles to go home?  What an utter waste of taxpayer funds and resources!

I am still surprised when I see “progressive” news sites still supporting her, either overtly or subtly….Hillary Clinton goes against all their professed values…so how could they support her?  Just because she is a woman?  That alone is not the sole criteria for choosing a candidate that you hope supports womens’ causes.  It’s been my experience that women in power are not highly likely to support women…especially if she is of the lower class, does not believe in abortion…even though she may very much believe in equality.

This is notable for women who were blasted for wanting to stay home with their children by the feminists in the 70s.  Of course, the historical context needs to be looked at — women after WWII were ordered to “go home” after working in factories to support the war effort.  They found they liked working and earning their own money and the camaraderie at the workplace — home meant isolation and having to ask for money from their husbands (and that is if they were married).  It also meant entrapment if they were in a domestic violence situation.  And for single women, it meant going back home to live with her parents after being independent.

With that in mind, the focus of the 70s was to correct those errors.  But it did not.  In fact, the feminists worked to take away financial security, such as alimony, for women getting divorces.  For some women, this was a lifesaver if they had stayed home with the children for five years or more, where they would not have the updated skills to secure a well-paying job.  Not only did alimony get chopped off of divorce laws, but judges were imputing income on stay-at-home moms who did not have any income nor any job prospects.  Clearly, the children suffered the brunt of this as their Mom was forced to work even if their father could pay enough support so she could stay home.

Hillary Clinton belittled women who stayed home and valued their contributions to society that way — she made the statement that she “did not stay home and bake cookies” for Bill Clinton.  This was the general attitude of feminists, as well, who seem to despise those skills traditionally associated with the feminine.  If we could all act like men, then we would have value…they seem to say.

And this is not to knock feminism, because I once called myself feminist because I believe in equality.  But after once believing that abortion was okay, I no longer feel that way.  And feminists marginalize women who believe in equality but not abortion.

Lastly, Hillary Clinton tweeted that vaccines work, vaccines are safe and the world is round.  A total Big Pharma toadie whom has not investigated the issue with both sides that includes medical professionals coming out against vaccines.

As I have said many times before….Hillary Clinton is no Shirley Chisholm, who once said “When profits come up against morality, it’s rare that profits lose.”

A powerful speech by Shirley Chisholm below.  It is incredible the difference between her and Clinton.  There is no comparison and Clinton’s beholden to the bankers, Big Oil, Big Pharma is the exact opposite of Chisholm.  Chisholm would not have declared that she “was broke” with a million dollars in the bank.


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