Soil for Life

This is one of the most important films I have ever seen.  Symphony of the Soil explores all that we have been ignoring in regards to the Earth, to growing food, to being careful with what we have been given, to seeing how our treatment of the Earth comes back to us, to seeing how what we do now impacts our children, grandchildren, and their children, and so on….

Important points for me were Bob Cannard’s statement on how we have to give back to the Earth.  We use the soil to grow the food, which takes nutrients from the soil, but then pour chemicals on it that kill the gentle Symphony of microorganisms and food produced by plants to benefit those microorganisms.  As they note in the film, this is not sustainable.  We will eventually run out of topsoil and as Vandana Shiva notes, even with adequate rainfall, there can still be drought when the balance is disturbed by not allowing the plants to do the work they were designed to do.  In other words, if we just get out of the way, Nature will take care of itself.

I had to cringe, however, when someone (forget who) said that it’s a problem when Thistles start to grow.  Thistles have their contribution towards life, as well.  They are actually known to help detox the body and are specifically good for the liver.  It is scientifically noted that thistle helps regenerate liver tissue.

I love at the end Dr. Hillel explains the Hebrew interpretation of Adama (soil) and Hava (sp?) (life) and how the original Bible was misinterpreted to say for we humans to conquer the Earth….but rather, for us to serve and preserve.  That makes more sense to me — as a command to overpower and destroy what was given to us doesn’t make sense at all.

And I am always in awe at Creation and how I felt closer to God in nature than anywhere else.  I sense that those intimately involved in the Earth also see it, and feel it, too.


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