Fudging the numbers: Gov’t skews vaccine injury data; Action Alert for NY

This is really disturbing, but I can’t say that I’m surprised.  As I said before, I don’t believe the numbers on the WH website petition against force vaccination is allowing all those who signed it to be registered in the numbers count.  It’s too easy to control the data through computers.

I went to Sharyl Attkisson’s website, here are just some of what she has found:

Court decisions won by vaccine victims since 2006
Chart shows (through 2013): 59
Actual number (through April 2015): 165


Concessions won by flu shot victims since 2006
Chart shows (through 2013): 42
Actual number (through April 2015): 88


Stunning, isn’t it?  It’s over twice as much as reported for the Court decisions in general and for the flu vaccine.

And the Big Pharma lobby isn’t done yet — another forced vaccination bill is in NY legislature.  Action Alert here.

There’s a link to Robert F. Kennedy’s spot in the media.  I have to say that I am adamantly against vaccines and I don’t understand his protesting being “pro-vaccine” and having his kids vaccinated.  I don’t think anyone looking at the decline in communicable diseases BEFORE vaccines were used, the rise in autism, seizures, and other brain injuries with the advent of vaccination, and the lack of data of vaccines actually preventing diseases can be pro-vaccine.  It blows my mind.  I just thank God every day that my kids were born before the onslaught of the Vaccine Gestapo.  I regret even giving them the DTP and MMR vaccines.


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