New Indiana law encourages speeding and penalizes those obeying the law

Yep.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Of all the bonehead laws I have seen, this has got to be in the top ten.  Apparently, the Indiana legislature hasn’t got enough to do if they can sit around and make a law that slaps a $500 fine on a law abiding citizen for…obeying the law…while at the same time encouraging people who are already breaking the law to be even bigger (insert favorite expletive here).

So…anyone wanna bet this will lead to more road rage?

How about the four lane highway near us that people are already using as a race track — I can foresee it becoming more DANGEROUS — not safer.  What a load of horse manure.

It is already becoming more hazardous crossing the highway due to the excessive speeding….I can hardly wait to see what happens after July 1.

I mean, there are times when it is congested and I purposely drive in the left lane so that I am at least a couple of car lengths behind someone.  Isn’t that the safe thing to do? And I have had people come up on me very quickly when I could not get over into the right lane.  They were riding my bumper trying to intimidate me into going faster.  I kept my legal pace and got over into the other lane when it was safe to do so.

Why would these idiots make such a stupid law?  Methinks perhaps they have been making “job hunting junkets” to Colorado to buy some funny cigarettes….


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