Dr. Julie Gerberding sells Merck stock, makes millions

From Age of Autism.  I just cannot fathom such a mind that poisons children and then claims to help them…all the while children and their parents are suffering serious complications from these vaccines.  Julie Gerberding sold her soul, along with Paul Offit, in order to profit off of vaccine sales.  See, folks, doctors who already make good money, can be bought off, too.  They obviously entered the profession to make money…not to be healers.

Related to this, Barbara Loe Fisher has a video up including the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland that conveniently happened right before the push for mandatory vaccinations by some legislatures.  And they are unable to track the carrier?  What about the assertion that those who came down with measles WERE ALREADY VACCINATED?

And what about the disease as being one that does not usually cause death?  Or that Vitamin A can help greatly in preventing complications while the disease works its way through the body? Nobody ever stops to really examine it or that vaccines are, in my opinion, the biggest hoax ever perpetuated on the public by the medical profession and the government.

The absence of disease after vaccination does not prove immunity…because there are those whom have not been vaccinated who do not get the disease, either.  And here we have cases of folks getting sick even after being vaccinated –doesn’t that prove that vaccines do not work?  That what they thought was immunity from diseases was actually the immunity provided by mothers whom had gotten the true disease and passed that along to their child?  I think that is the reason that we are seeing people whom have been vaccinated getting sick — they are the second generation after the great vaccination push and therefore their mothers did not have the actual disease, but a vaccine…therefore, they did not pass the actual disease  immunity to their children, hence their children getting sick even after being vaccinated.  See what I mean?

Fisher also talks about the right to refuse vaccination and how the Vaccine Gestapo is disallowing valid health exemptions, such as Celiac disease, which I have, thanks to mercury toxicity and genetics.  I know that I am susceptible with already exhibiting autistic symptoms when very toxic (and still having issues with that especially when I’m chelating).  When at my worst, I could not express what was happening to me. Your brain is scrambled — trying very hard to connect thoughts together, but failing.  I loved to read, but also pretty much gave it up in frustration after reading a page, forgetting what I had just read, and having to read it several times.  Now that I’ve got some recovery, I can read several pages and remember what I have read.  I cannot imagine a little child trying to learn the basics with this kind of brain dysfunction.

Lastly, the petition against forced vaccinations is up to 130k + signatures….but a hunch tells me that this figure is not accurate.  I feel that whomever was messing with the numbers before is still doing it and not allowing the actual numbers.  Many people are concerned about their rights being taken away by politicians and a medical profession that are bought by the pharmaceutical industry.


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