Abandoned NYC – Sea View Children’s Hospital

Will Ellis has another post up on Abandoned NYC.  It reminds me a lot of our local state hospital…at least, the older buildings that are still standing.  They tore down several old buildings while I was there — refusing to rehabilitate them and spending $$$ on new construction.  One building was still in good shape, one was badly designed and required new construction. or renovating another building. Others were shops that were actually being used…but for some reason Indianapolis decided they were no longer needed. Many of the buildings and fences were constructed with German influence with the familiar small rocks planted in cement.

The building that my office was in also at one time had the tuberculosis patients.  I had a work area on the top floor, where the tuberculosis patients were housed.  It always gave me a sad feeling to go up there.  And one time, when I was working there, I heard footsteps down the darkened hallway.  I turned the lights on, and no one was there.  Another time, I was leaving work for the day and after exiting the building, looked up to that top floor, and there in the upstairs bathroom, was a figure looking out the window.  No one was up there at that time.

As Ellis describes, these hospitals were designed to be for rest, to get fresh air, and have pleasant surroundings to ward off depression.  What a concept./snark

The state hospital grounds were also designed with that in mind.

And as I’m looking at the decay at what once was…I’m struck by the sharp contrasts between medicine then as Healing Art and modern medicine as Big Business.

And the waste of these buildings! How many homeless in New York?  How many mental hospitals have been closed and the patients tossed out on the streets while politicians such as Ronald Reagan and Mitch Daniels pat themselves on the back??

…and then, Mitch Daniels, ever so cost conscious (snark), renovates his office at Purdue for $380,000?  Oh…right…he claims he didn’t know *anything* about the renovations.  Yeah, because you know Purdue is going to spend nearly $400k without consulting him.  If you believe that, I have oceanfront property in Indiana I want to sell you.

…or how about when Daniels was governor and wanted to fire the kitchen staff of the state hospital and privatize it?  But the staff vowed to bring their budget in line with what they would spend on contractors…and they did!  So…to congratulate the staff for their achievement,  Daniels flies the state helicopter up to the hospital…a costly move that spent any savings these poor folks had scraped together….

…and then Aramark moves in, anyway, to displace the workers with low wage workers fixing God-only-knows-what food.

Okay, off of my rant.

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