Dr. Andrew Wakefield on Dr. William Thompson, CDC whistleblower

Dr. Wakefield is still fighting the good fight — even after having his medical license taken away because he has a conscience and in good conscience, he could not keep silent about the disturbing link between MMR and autistic symptoms. He wasn’t willing to play ball with Big Pharma, as soo many others are:


From the video: Andrew Wakefield:

“Mainstream media has sold out.  It sold out. 

“I sat once with Sharyl Attkisson, one of this country’s greatest journalists, working for CBS.  And she said to me, ‘Andy, when we finish this interview, . . . I will get a call from the top floor, from the money men, and they will say, that interview does not go out, because I’ve had a call from our pharmaceutical industry sponsors, and if it goes out, then they are going to pull their sponsorship.’ And that is why she left [CBS].” 


The media is bought and sold, folks.  You should never get your medical information from mainstream media — any of them that Big Pharma sponsor are compromised and you are not going to be given all the facts you need to make an informed decision.    Not only did CBS compromise itself with Atkisson, the idiot they have doing their medical segments appears to be a Big Pharma plant.  His biased “reporting” is transparently pro-Pharma. He actually had a segment in the past few months were they jumped on Angelina Jolie’s removing her breasts and uterus as the way to prevent cancer.   They featured a woman whom also did this and she was saying that she had a responsibility for her family to do it.   This was an incredibly manipulative ploy to lead women to do something that has severe consequences.  Ask any woman whom has had a hysterectomy and found that she did not make the problem go away, but instead had more issues to deal with.  Not only that, but surgery on women is BIG BUSINESS and doctors have been performing hysterectomies on women as a main source of income.

No where in the CBS segment were mentions of how diet and environmental factors impact cancer greatly.  Nor did he disclose that there are cancer cells in one’s body at any given time.  Your body takes care of the cancer cells like any other disease.  It’s only when there is something wrong with the immune system that cancer cells grow and start to overwhelm the immune system.

As I’ve said before, I now know of two individuals whom recovered from STAGE IV cancer with juicing.  Juicing!

I have several family members and others I’ve known whom have had cancer and were treated with chemo/radiation.  Only one family member recovered. Of the local folks that were stricken —  they were sick as dogs during the precious time they had left on Earth…too sick to be able to spend that precious remaining time with their family.

I’m already juicing every other day as a preventative and to help recover from heavy metal poisoning, and will up it if I am so diagnosed.  I am a testament that the body is a miracle and all it needs is proper nutrition, removal of toxic substances, and time as tools to help it do its miracle work.

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