An investigative reporter asks if dental amalgams are safe…

…I had to get over my initial shock that there is an investigative reporter asking the obvious questions that any hack could have asked:  why is mercury considered hazardous material outside of one’s body….but it’s perfectly okay to put it inside a person’s mouth that is subjected to high pressure chewing?

Link here.

People, such as myself, have been voicing this to anyone who would listen.  Doctors have testified before Congress about it….and nothing is done.

Margaret Hamburg had a serious conflict of interest when ruling against the public’s interest, that is the information about people like me who were made terribly ill by dental amalgams.


While on the corporate side of the revolving door, between stints in the Clinton Administration and the Obama Administration, Dr. Margaret Hamburg served on the board of directors for Henry Schein, Inc., receiving, for example, $282,365 in 2006 and $249,151 in 2007 for the handful of hours generally involved in being a corporate director. With a court settlement requiring FDA to classify amalgam within the first 75 days of her taking office,13 Dr. Hamburg’s remaining interest in Schein – including stock options held until July 27, just 24 hours before the rule was announced – should have resulted in her immediate public recusal from the amalgam rulemaking.


Despite appearances, Hamburg was guiding the ruling from behind-the-scenes.

I’ve lost precious time– of the years of my children growing up, of productive work years, and the loss of precious health that nearly cost me my life.    I cannot get any of that back.  All I can do is keep talking about it until this poison is no longer put in people’s mouths, in vaccines, dumped into Lake Michigan by BP, and other industries who regularly dump mercury/heavy metals into our rivers — the source of our drinking water.

This is not a benign substance!  Mercury kills!  Mercury dumbs people down!  Mercury/heavy metals cause Alzheimers!


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