Be the change you wish to see in the world…Gandhi**

It is truly unbelievable how spoiled celebrities in Hollywood are wasting precious water to show off.

People watering their lawns is one of my pet peeves…and in California, where they are in desperate circumstances…it’s doubly irritating to me.

Listen up, egocentric Kardashians, JLo, Streisand, et al:  If you cut your grass to 3 inches in height, the grass roots will go deeper, where there is moisture, and should not need to be watered.

Here in July, where it gets really dry, I never watered my lawn because I always had the mower set to at least 3 inches so the grass could survive without watering.

See, the Ayn Rand selfishness theory doesn’t work in the real world…people’s survival depends on one another.  What are you going to do when the water runs out???

Oh, right, I forgot for a moment…the rich celebrities will have water trucked in from other states, taken from poorer communities that won’t have the money nor resources to fight off the takers.

All of this is the backdrop of yet another pipeline break and the water being polluted with oil on California’s coast….disaster.

**edited to correct spelling of Gandhi.  Stupid dyslexia.

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