The Pimienta 31

Here is IDsent’s report on the incident of vaccine deaths in Mexico. He offers a deeper report.


There’s a small town in the state of Chiapas, Mexico called La Pimienta (… pimienta means pepper, by the way). It’s a not so uncommon a name for a town or village in Latin America. In this particular case, it’s a rural mining town of about 3,806 people. On Friday (May 8, 2015), public health officials arrived in La Pimienta and, using loudspeakers, announced that they would be giving vaccinations to newborn babies.

There are no medical clinics or hospitals in La Pimienta; it’s a very poor area. So when the government health care workers showed up offering vaccines, local parents brought their babies. A total of 52 infants received the Bacillus Calmette–Guérin (for tuberculosis), rotavirus and Hepatitis B vaccines on Friday. By that evening, 31 of the children “presented adverse reactions presumably associated with the application of these vaccines,” according to Mexican health officials.

Two of…

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