Deaths due to vaccines

We have two sad stories on infants dying after being vaccinated.

In Mexico.


A recent outbreak of measles originating in Disneyland with no fatalities received world-wide media coverage and calls for legislation resulting in a heated battle regarding public vaccination policies.

A vaccination incident in Mexico which negatively impacted nearly 80% of the recipients, resulting in two deaths, 37 hospitalizations and 13 babies fighting for their lives has not been reported to the community at large and is certainly not being reported in other countries, particularly the United States.


In France.   You might recall that RotaTeq is the vaccine that Dr. Paul Offit (or Proffit, as he is referred to) developed to “save” the world. Two deaths and over 500 adverse events!   Yeah, he’s saving it, all right, by killing babies. /sad snark

Finally, here’s another resource for vaccine information that you won’t get from your Ostrich (head in the sand) doctor.

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