Keiser on UK elections

Some of you may think that the UK elections are “over there” and not really relevant to the U.S. or elections…but wait…if you listen carefully to Max and Stacy, you can see the One Nation Under Fear politics are being played in the UK, as well as Israel, and right here.   Please keep these tactics in mind with the coming election…you’re going to be inundated with media messages that will play on your fear, your biases, and your emotions.

As we have seen here, people get caught up in the messages without looking for what is lurking beneath the noise…and then vote against their best interests.

Even worse than that…as Max mentions, they voted for a person, believing they were going to keep student loan rates low, and then the rates went up soon after elections (I think he said within hours?).

A voter will not get the information they need by the media — you have to look at who is sponsoring a candidate to know who’s their Daddy.  I would not pick any of them that are getting millions of dollars to bankroll their campaigns…you know that money like that is coming from corporations and the Koch brothers.  Writing in a candidate looks to be an option, as I’ve noted before.


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