RT media: the Kaiser Report

Kaiser gets worked up in this video, but perhaps it’s from frustration at the nonchalance of the American public who seem to be more worried about what the Kardashians …or [insert reality show/celebrity here]… are doing instead of their country going up in flames.  This is the counterargument to President Obama’s assertion today that the companies that are paying low wages are “already gone” and that we HAVE TO have TPP or else China is going to move ahead of us in trade.  Since when to we base our actions on what other countries are doing…?  Poverty level wages in the U.S. or China…it’s all the same.

Indeed, how is it that someone in their parents’ basement is TOTALLY responsible for the mini-crash of 2010…?  Can you say scapegoat? I knew that you could.

And I echo Kaiser’s thoughts in that NONE of the Wall St. banksters responsible for the huge crash of 2008 have gone to jail.

And I am shocked at the brutal treatment of the students sent to jail because their families could not pay fines.  Good God, what the hell has happened to my country…?!

Here is the buzzfeed article about teens being jailed for inability to pay fines or for skipping school.


The 11th-grader in the courtroom wore braces, loved Harry Potter movies, and posted Katy Perry lyrics on Facebook. She also had a bad habit of cutting school, and now, a judge informed her, she owed $2,700 in truancy-related fines. But Serena Vela, who lived in a trailer with her unemployed mother, couldn’t afford to pay.

Serena was offered “jail credit” at a rate of $300 per day. She was patted down, touched “everywhere,” and dispatched to adult lockup, where she would stay for nine days, missing a week and a half of classes. The first school day after she was released, administrators kicked her out.


The article fails to explore WHY the kids skipped school — they might have to skip school in order to care for younger siblings while the parent worked, or to work themselves to help support the family; or a bad home life;  or it could be from the stressful atmosphere created by No Child Left a Mind/Race to the Bottom/Insert latest draconian education “plan” where testing questions ask a child about  a pineapple winning a race…

…and if a child does not recognize the value of school…does that justify jailing them with robbers, violent offenders, and exposure to sexual situations/predators…?


One student was housed in solitary confinement for most of his 11-day sentence in 2013, leaving only to spend 48 hours under suicide watch in the infirmary, according to jail officials. He said he is now on anxiety medications to mitigate panic attacks that overwhelm him when he sees a police car.


Judges who profit off of sending people to jail.

For-profit prisons....more incentive to jail people for minor offenses.


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