Paul Proffit invokes Jesus

Dr. Paul Offit, who profits off of vaccines and always fails to acknowledge that when he gives his “opinion”, has now “gone there” by saying Jesus would be on his side.

When I first saw the title, my immediate thought was “is this for real”…?  Because, you know, Jesus was said to heal people…without vaccines or modern medicine, for that matter.  And the ethically and morally challenged Paul Proffit is now going to act like Jesus would endorse his promoting vaccines which have caused great harm, and have never been proven to actually prevent disease?  There is too much evidence of them causing harm.  There are too many medical professionals speaking out now against them to be ignored.

It is unconscionable of Offit to say that parents do not have a right to decide what is best for their children and that their religious beliefs amount to child abuse/neglect.

Offit wants to pretend that human beings did not survive many centuries before vaccinations started. They somehow managed to not only survive, but procreate.  Offit wants to pretend that he is God and only he and vaccines can save us.

No where in this article does he mention poor diet as a reason these children became so ill.  Nor if they practiced good hygiene with handwashing and covering coughs.  He never mentions those basic rules of good health.

Also absent from this article is follow up.  Did any of these children became autistic or had other injury after vaccination?  I wouldn’t trust the medical professionals on that — I would trust the parents and teachers’ observations on how their children were before and after vaccination — not just the professionals’ observations at this point because even when a glaring example of a reaction is seen, they will deny it, as we saw with a 700 percent increase in miscarriages after the swine flu vaccination.

What would Jesus do?  Well, he wouldn’t be trying to profit off of vaccines, of that I am sure.


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