Signs of Dyslexia

Reblogging this — I had a dream about dyslexia recently, so perhaps this is needed again.


(A note~ I changed the video in the previous blog on Education and Malala)

As you know, I’m dyslexic.  I thought I’d pass along this list of symptoms for those who may be similarly affected:

1. Known in family tree.

2.  Not speaking by 1st birthday.

3.  Twisted Oral Speech – Multiple Syllables  (like saying am-in-al for animal or pasghetti for spaghetti — my daughter did this and I thought it was just a cute part of being a little one “dutchy” as my Mom would call it.)

4.  Stuttering in early years

5.  Cluttering early

6.  Articulation Difficulties m/n, r/l, even in adults

7.  Chronic Ear Infections  (I would say chronic earaches, too.  Get this–many of us on the mercury poisoning list have earaches or history of ear infections.  When I’m chelating, I always get an earache.)

8.  Can’t master tying shoes.

9.  Trouble with left/right

10.  Late to…

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