Birch Bayh, statesman ** edited

I am trying to research the campaign against Senator Birch Bayh by the rightwing conservatives of the Koch bros., and the rest of what would become the Tea Party…

…and I found this gem of Bayh speaking about the Bork nomination.  I can’t recall when politicians acted for the good of the country instead of their wallets and continually trying to get elected.  You would be shocked at the emails I received when I worked for the newspaper, from these what can only be described as attention-whores.  They would send out “news releases” if they stepped outside their office for two seconds.  Even for a cynic like me, it was eye-opening how much time they devoted to putting out press releases instead of actually getting off their butts to work.

Watching Bayh, I see how formidable he was and how the Koch Party saw him, and Church, McGovern, et al, as threats.  Bayh (and Church) would not have stood for illegal and unethical goings-on.  They had to be destroyed.

I’m going to continue researching this, but in the meantime, here is the excellent video.

**edited to add this link on the dirty campaign against Bayh.

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