Grist helps Louis C.K. skewer Baby Boomers

Louis C.K. admits his generation ruined EVERYTHING.

First, they said in the comments that Louis C.K. ISN’T EVEN A BOOMER, but a millenial.

Secondly, the destruction of the environment did not start with the Boomers.  It started with the WWII generation.  They began using the diluted  poisonous war surplus chemicals as herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers.

Rachel Carson started the environmental movement, but it was the Boomers who took the ball and ran with it.  You would not have the regulations in place if it were not for the Boomers.  You would not have Earth Day if it were not for the Boomers.  My own awareness came from older Boomers explaining about the environment and what we were doing to it.  Yes, it would take many, many years later for that seed to bloom, but there it is.

To drop this load at the Boomers feet is a gross misrepresentation of my generation.  I’m sick of the Boomers being characterized as the “me” generation, when we fought against the Vietnam War, for women’s rights, and for civil rights.

The hippies, especially, are degraded as being losers.  They simply “got it” before the rest of us did.  No, I’m not saying they’re the answer to it all…because nobody has all the answers.  But together, we have the answers.  It’s been my thought for some time that the Creator has played a neat trick on us…that we each have a piece of the puzzle, and it’s up to us to work together to figure out how to deal with problems and issues as they come up.  The problem is when a few powerful foist their opinions on the rest without consideration nor concern.

Not one generation can nor should take the blame for what is happening.  I could point to the Gen Xers and all the younger ones and say that the electronic devices that they love contain cadmium/heavy metals/plastics and THAT is horrible for the environment when they discard this years’ version for the newest.  But that is just a piece of the environmental pie and we are all responsible for the planet.

**end of rant


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