Another weedie to eatie… **edited

(…silly, I know, but it made me smile)

Anyhoo, I have found yet another “weed” to eat — wild violets.  This is particularly important to me because if the properties of the plants help diminish breast lumps, whether they be benign or cancerous, I’m so there.  I still have the two breast lumps I discovered three years ago.  They started to grow recently, and I was a little worried, but now are starting to shrink again.  I’m still leaning towards them being benign, because if they were cancerous, I think they would have grown more by now.

And have you noticed that every single one of these “weeds” contain either Vitamin A, Vitamin C, or both?  Does that not tell you something about how wonderful nature is and how we are being taken care of, if we’d only open our minds and our eyes?? Nature has provided the cures to our ailments.  Not Big Pharma.  Not anything made by humankind.

It still boggles my mind that we shoot up people with horrible chemicals to stop the spread of cancer.  And then spray cancer-causing chemicals to try to kill off the very plants that can likely cure cancer!

**edited to add:  Folks, I’ve learned that wild violets are high in salicylates.  So…if you’re especially sensitive, as heavy metal toxic folks are, you might want to limit the amount to ingest.  I tried them — just 4 or 5 leaves/flowers mid-morning, and then another 4 or 5 in early afternoon…and boy, is it potent!

It does a great job cleaning the lymph system, so it is especially good for the Spring, when we need to detox the winter “sludge” from our system.


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