What’s mine is mine. What’s Yours is Mine….

WIRED has a really disturbing piece up on delusional corporations, like John Deere, that claim that even though you purchased a product from them…you don’t own it.

I really think corporate America has lost its mind.  No, not lost its mind, but through the lens of greed, have decided that you should pay over and over and over for their precious products.

Note the exodus from computer-driven machinery.  How are people supposed to make any profit at all on what their blood, sweat, and tears has created?  Where can they go when there are few manufacturers to choose from?  Thanks to the greed of Wall Street corporate raiders, such as Michael Milken, and a U.S. Attorney’s office slacking off on the Sherman Law of antitrust — there are fewer and fewer choices for folks.

The implications of this is creation of a Slave State, much like we had before the unionization of the U.S., when there were towns paid for by corporations, like Pullman. 

It’s already been happening to chicken farmers, whom have become owned by corporations such as Perdue.

So….support your local organic farmer that is struggling against corporate farms, corporate machinery bullies, and doing it without the subsidies that corporate farms get….you know, all that welfare they disdain in public, while having their hands open behind their backs….


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