The DHS stockpiling of experimental vaccines

…and they are authorized to force vaccination in a bioterrorism event.  And one doesn’t even have to be a healthcare professional to administer it.

I’ll take my chances, thank you, in case there is an attack.  I’d rather risk that than take a vaccine that I know will cause me harm and generally interfere with my immune response that will likely be better.  Nature always trumps humans.

The current U.S. population is the most heavily vaccinated population in the world, but apparently the pharmaceutical lobbyists and the U.S. Government are not satisfied. All across the United States right now, at both the local and federal level, politicians are proposing new legislation to remove vaccine exemptions and pursue mandatory vaccines.

And this is largely based on the fact that just over 100 people have been infected with the measles virus this year, with no deaths. If one were to create a table of the top diseases and illnesses infecting Americans in 2015, would measles even be in the top 100?


It would certainly appear that there is something else going on besides a genuine concern about measles infections.

As the current vaccine debate is being carried out all across the U.S., the current City Council dispute happening in Spokane Washington is probably representative of what is happening all across the country, where politicians with little or no medical or legal background are attempting to change public policy on health laws by mandating vaccines or squelching free speech by vaccine objectors.

In Spokane, they currently have a Health Board member who was “editor-in-chief and contributor for the Star Wars fan magazine Star Wars Insider as well as the Star Wars Kids magazine,” and a first term City Council president who previously worked in “customer service and management with the Oakland Raiders and TicketsWest,” trying to set public policy on vaccines and silence a fellow Council member on the Board of Health who is “a disabled American veteran, who served as a criminal investigator and contracting officer in the Army” by removing him from the Board of Health. (Story here.)


Spokane Board of Health member Mike Fagan being threatened with removal after he questioned vaccines.  Truly scary stuff when non-medical professionals can squelch the free speech of intelligent folks asking questions and not following along like sheep.

One point that I question is the thought because someone gets a flu shot, and doesn’t get the flu, that means the vaccine worked.  However, there are folks, like myself, who do not get the vaccine and can go for years without getting the flu.  And when I got the flu this past winter, I recovered despite being in the category of compromised immune system (Heavy metal poisoning and Celiac disease).  By the CDC scare tactics, I should have become very ill with complications such as pneumonia.

You might remember Keira, the little girl who came down with flu and pneumonia after vaccination. Note that the report once again touts using drugs as a remedy for flu instead of bed rest, drinking plenty of clean water, Vitamins C and A, and of course, preventative measures such as gluten-free organic food and exercise and sunlight with clean, fresh air.

In the mid-eighties, my four-month-old daughter came down with pneumonia within a month after receiving her first DTP vaccinations…and her sister came down with pneumonitis also after vaccination…I’ll always wonder at the connection…


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