Arsenic vs. Mercury…media decides what’s important

I think I’ve mentioned before that the media decides what news you will see.  They are the Gatekeepers of information.  Not only that, but the way they deliver the message is important, too.

In this case, they have decided that 50 parts per billion (PPB) of arsenic is waaaay more dangerous than 50,000 PPB of mercury injected into people with a flu vaccine.  More here on the craziness of modern medicine failing to act to get mercury out of vaccines (and Rho-Gam shots, etc.).

Not only is mercury a horrible poison in and of itself, but  according to Dr. Cutler, once one becomes overloaded with it, the mercury blocks the body’s ability to rid itself of other toxic metals, such as aluminum, lead, cadmium.  It’s a menace.


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