Kidney Stones and Vitamin C

I thought this might be helpful to those of you who may be struggling with kidney stones — conventional thought has been that the Vitamin C creates oxalic acid, which contributes to kidney stones.

But according to the paper, studies don’t bear that out.

Those of us chelating heavy metals out have an extraordinary need for Vitamin C, because, as one member put it, we toxic people use up Vitamin C like it’s going out of style.  So, we use large amounts of Vitamin C.  When I say large, I mean some members use 9,000 mg of Vitamin C per day.  I personally use 3-4,000 mg. of Vitamin C per day.

I had tried using only natural forms of Vitamin C because Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS diet) did not recommend synthetic vitamins.  And I had read that from other sources.  But  Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ spoke about how she uses synthetic Vitamin C.  She spoke of the studies of the folks exposed to Tetanus that did not become ill if they took Vitamin C, I decided to go back to using synthetic Vitamin C.   I’ve noticed improvement in my skin since, so I take it that the insides are doing better, too. 🙂


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