Control All Delete

Dan Olmsted, of Age of Autism, has written a good post on the control of information surrounding vaccines and the link to autism, among other things. (I had to put the Part 3 post up because they don’t have a link to Parts 1 and 2 from the first part. Oops.  So you’ll have to click on the first part link to get to the first part.)

It’s just mindboggling how much control over the spectrum of media, from the major networks to so-called progressive blogs like DailyKos and CrooksandLiars that Big Pharma has.    Incredibly, DailyKos will not even allow discussion of anti-vaccine views on its website!!  So much for getting at the truth…they arrogantly have decided what the truth is…

…you know things are bad when there’s a Man Behind the Man Behind the Curtain….

** And they are still taking signatures for the White House petition I’ve stuck above.


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