Nature once again trumps Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, et al…

…by the Moringa tree.  This little powerhouse of Protein, Vit. C, Vit. A, Calcium and minerals, and Vit. B complex.  It also provides a high quality cooking oil from the crushed seeds. AND…drum roll please…the crushed seeds can then be used as a water purifier!!  Ta-dah!

Here’s another link to information on the Moringa and how you can help spread the word, via donation of trees to the needy.

Take that, Monsanto.  So much for your “feeding the world” schtick.  We don’t need no stinkin’ GMO food to feed the world…there is plenty of food surrounding us that has been forgotten in favor of highly processed, highly manipulated (hybrid or GMO) food that has questionable value nutritionally.  Oh, yeah, they say that hybrids and GMO are the same nutritionally…but that doesn’t mean squat if the body cannot recognize the “foreign object” inside….this is why they have linked inflammation with GMO’s –– the body is launching an immune response to the foreign object it sees as abnormal.

In the last six years, Dr. Carman has survived six different attempts to have her removed from her various university positions, for example. As she notes later in this interview, she was largely “protected” by the fact that she knew this going into the research, and chose to stop receiving a salary and getting paid for her work.

Funding is another major barrier, of course. Because most of the agricultural universities—the ones that would conduct these studies—obtain their funding from the very companies that make the seeds, they’re not interested in research that might jeopardize this lucrative relationship with the industry. In Dr. Carman’s case, her team was fortunate enough to obtain the funding for their research from the government of Western Australia.


I agree with Dr. Mercola, the researchers who try to get to the truth are close to saints…she went without her salary to thwart efforts to remove her from her position.

For example, a small number of animals might receive a GE protein, and the effects of a singular dose are then noted over the course of seven to 14 days. If the animal (usually a rat) doesn’t die, all is presumed to be well. Crazy as it seems, this is sometimes the main safety assessment performed by the industry. Even more remarkable, sometimes, the protein tested doesn’t even come from the actual GE plant, but rather from the bacteria they genetically engineer to produce what they hope is the same protein. As Dr. Carman notes, this kind of testing is not going to reveal the long-term health outcomes associated with eating the GE food over the course of years, or an entire lifetime.


This is the whole issue in a nutshell — our bodies are remarkably resilient, but this is only for a time until the immune system…which begins in the gut…begins to be weakened and then overwhelmed by the onslaught, and then the real problems begin.

I know this by my own gut issues.  When my gut was severely inflamed, I reacted much more strongly and quickly to “bad” food — glutens and processed food (and chemicals including fragrances) .  Now that my gut has improved (but not totally healed), it could take as long as a month to react to say…chocolate.

But if I am accidentally glutened, it will react strongly and quickly.  I can count on a migraine and severe nausea.  And if I eat processed food, even though it is gluten-free, I may still end up with a bad headache and nausea.  I’ve learned through this odyssey of heavy metal poisoning that migraines and headaches are warning signs.

As much as Monsanto would like to deny it, the gut cannot digest GMO’s and will react to it.  I know this to be true from my own experience.

At that point, the now fully mature (and very large) animals were slaughtered according to industry standards. All personnel involved in the study were blinded, including the veterinarians who performed the autopsies at the end of the study, meaning no one knew beforehand which animals were receiving which feed. (Two years ago, the first-ever lifetime animal feeding study involving GE corn revealed major health problems, including massive mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage, and early death. That study, led by Gilles-Eric Séralini, also attempted to separate out the effects of glyphosate.)

(Parentheses mine)


At the end of the study, Dr. Carman’s team discovered a significant increase in stomach inflammation in the pigs fed a GE diet. Overall, inflammation levels were 2.6 times higher in GE-fed pigs than those fed a non-GE diet, and male pigs fared worse than the females. While sows were 2.2 times more likely to have severe stomach inflammation on a GE diet, male pigs were four times more likely to get severe stomach inflammation.

“And when I say ‘severe,’ I’m talking about a stomach that is swollen and cherry red in color over almost the entire surface of the stomach. This is not the sort of stomach that you or I would want to have at all,” she says.


The fact that the veterinarians did not know which pigs had been fed GE corn shows that the study was a good one — double blind studies are the best tool we know of to get an unbiased report.  Be sure to click on the video at the bottom of the page — for those whom haven’t been following the Monsanto nightmare, it is an eye-opener to the devious ways they have avoided getting called on their poisonous and health-endangering product.

It’s also important to note the connection to the poison glyphosate.  The GMO seed has been bioengineered to withstand massive amounts of RoundUp, and the plant survives, but everything else around it dies.  This corn is then consumed by you….what is it doing to your body?

The article then explores Atrazine, which is used on corn, and of course, Indiana is very susceptible to this toxin.

Two years ago, his work on Atrazine provided the scientific basis for two class-action lawsuits brought against Syngenta by 23 US municipalities, accusing the chemical technology company of contaminating drinking water and “concealing Atrazine’s true dangerous nature.” Documents unearthed during these legal proceedings revealed that Hayes’ suspicions were true—Syngenta had indeed been studying him as deeply as he’d been studying their toxic herbicide for the past 15 years.

What follows reaches a level of creepy that no one should ever have to endure—least of all a scientist who’s working to learn and share the truth about a widely used agricultural chemical that has the power to affect all of us, and our ecology. Aviv writes:

“Syngenta’s public-relations team had drafted a list of four goals. The first was ‘discredit Hayes.’ In a spiral-bound notebook, Syngenta’s communications manager, Sherry Ford, who referred to Hayes by his initials, wrote that the company could ‘prevent citing of TH data by revealing him as noncredible…’ Syngenta looked for ways to ‘exploit Hayes’ faults/problems.’ ‘If TH involved in scandal, enviros will drop him,’ Ford wrote. She observed that Hayes ‘grew up in world (S.C.) that wouldn’t accept him,’ ‘needs adulation,’ ‘doesn’t sleep,’ was ‘scarred for life.’ She wrote, ‘What’s motivating Hayes?—basic question.'”


Pretty scary, eh?  Please keep this in mind when the brave person speaks out…and then rumors start to circulate.  It’s an old, old, old tactic that unfortunately seems to work nearly every time.  People won’t bother to look too deep beyond the surface.  Too weak, I guess.

(Contrary Farmer Gene Logsdon would say that this entire outlook is the King Corn mindset.  If we were farming like previous generations, where there was diversity, as in farmers raising ducks, geese, sheep, cows, goats, chickens, and had fruit trees and bushes, grew and canned their own veggies, put up bird- and bat-houses [to entice them to control the insect population], and used natural wood such as osage orange and catalpa that regrew after being cut…well, a lot of this nonsense would be stopped.  The wildlife would naturally “fertilize” the ground by the natural food they ate.  The farmer would eat what he grew for his family, and sell or *gasp* barter the excess to obtain what he needed.  The so-called weeds could be pulled…and eaten…for their nutritious content instead of being sprayed to hell and back with poisonous herbicides.  Same with the food that they ate or that their livestock ate with chemical fertilizers/pesticides.)

Speaking of PR machines, here we have Business Insider with what appears to be an article placed by Big Ag and/or Monsanto/Syngenta.  Note that it falsely claims the researcher was pro-organic and anti-GMO.  It also does not note the veterinarians doing the autopsies were kept in the dark about the pigs who were fed GMO, and that the stomach inflammation was severe.

The article is really lacking in scientific dispute — she mainly has quoted other blogs disparaging the research.

Onto other fascinating plants that have disguised themselves as weeds…but are powerhouses of nutrition…the purslane.

You don’t know how many times I’ve grumbled while pulling this persistent..ahem…weed…out of the ground…and now I find out that it is quite nutritious with Vit. E and Omega 3.


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