Respecting all Faiths…

Treating others as we wish to be treated…as all of our faiths require us to do…

Carol Hand’s post on Spirituality and Rationality.

If one does not know the details of another’s path, there is really no basis to judge them and deflect one’s attention away from the responsibility to follow one’s own path with integrity and fidelity for the sake of the community.


This goes with being humble and not standing on a street corner blaring one’s belief.  Christians have forgotten the passage to keep one’s faith quietly, thanks to George W., who used Christianity as a vehicle to get so much un-Jesus-like laws and wars into action.

Being Peace.

This is the Unitarian belief — that all paths are valid and there is no “right way” to God/Creator/Allah/Higher Power.  I think they allow atheists in, if they follow the Golden Rule, even if not believing in a Higher Power.

Faith is scary.  Sometimes you feel quite alone, in the dark, and lost.  It’s hard to keep the faith at those times when you’re in transition –waiting for guidance to show you the path…

For each “right” choice, you feel a sense of joy and gratitude, and for each selfish or thoughtless choice, you feel the pain of those you harmed.  When you finally reach the present moment, you can choose to walk the path toward light or darkness based on what you discovered about yourself.



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