The DARK Act petition

The Koch Party is once again trying to do Monsanto, et al,’s bidding by preventing labeling of OUR food.

Here’s a petition to Congress to protest the DARK act.  Please sign if you’re so inclined.  ( Poet and don’t know it. 😛 )

Not only do we have the right to decide what goes into our bodies via vaccines, we also have the right to know what we are putting into it, via our food.

Personally, growing my own food is more attractive because I know for certain that it is grown without chemicals, with sustainability in mind, and with heirloom seeds, therefore no Genetically Modified Organisms…heck, it’s not even hybrid of the same vegetable/flower.  Hybrids have their place, I guess, but they hybridized the taste right out of the food along with the undesirable characteristics.   Cardboard tomatoes, anyone? Blech.

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